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In northern Slovakia in the climatic region of the Tatra Alpine zones, in the volley below the slope of the Choč range of mountains lies at 621 m above sea leve l Lúčky spa. As to the character of the natural curative sources, it specializes in the treatment of female ailments suitable for spa therapy and where it is reasonable to expect positive results of balneotherapy.


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Turist information


History of spa it started in 1761, when owner Adam Turjanský built the first spa building. Spa guests were in the time available to a larger house with comfortable rooms and also a draw for horses and carriages. In the mid-19th century gave new owner Vojtech Koch to build a new bathhouse. Mineral springs flowed from grainy dolomite and mineral water flowed directly into the spa pool.

Location and climate

Spa Lucky lie under the southern part of Choc Mountains. They are located at a distance of 14 km northeast of Ruzomberok, the interface Liptov and Orava. Most of the territory is situated at an altitude of 600 m. The nearest surrounding hills Lúčky is a protected against imminent invasion of cold air. Lucky Spa is located in temperate areas, in part, which is described as wet, cold winters.

Tourist attractions

Location of Lúčky in the valley at the foot of the mountains, provides many opportunities for walks in the lovely mountain and nature of recreational tourism. Majestic mountain Big Choc and high mountain, the surrounding coniferous forests and alpine meadows are beautiful surroundings of the spa. For tourists it is available after 4 hiking trails, the most beautiful view is precisely the path that starts at Lucky Spa.


Nearby region of Orava is a treasury of folk culture heritage, typical costumes and folk architecture attracts for a every visitor. The castle Oravský zámok is one of the best preserved in Slovakia. Lovers of water sports will certainly come into their own on Orava Dam or Liptovská Mara.


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