Spa Bükfürdő

Medical spa Bükfürdő is one of the largest and most beautiful spa towns of Hungary , which offer year-round therapeutic recreation and relaxation full of experiences throughout the whole year. Sports enthusiasts will expect different water attractions indoor spa and sports programs will be an unforgettable experience for all ages .


  • Bük from 94 €/night


Turist information


Healing water spa of Bükfürdő discovered accidentally in 1920,happen to oil prospectors, working in this field. In 1957, due to drilling would flow to the surface from a depth of 1282 m high-pressure stream of water that the temperature reached 58 ° C. In 1965 the thermal water Bük qualified as a medicine, and in 1973 opened spa of Bükfürdő.

Location and climate

Bükfürdő Spa is located near the Austrian border in county Vašská župa. It lies at an altitude of 150 m above sea level.

Tourist attractions

The town spa Bükfürdő is attracts for many visitors with exceptional restaurants, 18-hole golf course and musical evening under open the sky.


The main attractions around the spa Bükfürdő is the castle Szapáry and a visit is nearby Kőszeg, one of the most beautiful and historic towns of Hungary. Szombathely, a place inhabited since Roman times, in which the shrine of the goddess Isis.


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