Spa Luhacovice

Luhačovice are the largest Moravian spa with a long tradition of spa treatment . Famous are the natural healing springs , favorable climate and pleasant environment , which combines beautiful nature and typical architecture . The waters of Luhačovice   are considered some of the most efficient in Europe.



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History of Luhačovice is closely linked to buildings in the city with nature and spas. The importance of this city is connected with 300 years tradition of spa treatment, which gave the city atmosphere. Exceptional is the spa buildings, which were created by Slovak architect Dusan Jurkovic. He was inspired by the folk culture of Valašska.

Location and climate

Luhačovice spa is located in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic, about 20 km from the town Zlín. It lies in a valley, whose elevation is less than 250 m above sea level. Eastern and southeastern part of the surrounding bath Luhačovice is part of the protected Landscape Area  Bílé Karpaty.

Tourist attractions

Spa Luhacovice visited many famous people. Unrepeatable atmosphere of spa architecture with beautiful parks, with lots of springs and fountains made ​​for Luhačovic the pearl between Moravian spas. The cultural life was and is associated with typical buildings, especially the Spa theater, Social house, and the Municipal House. An integral part of the colonnade in Luhačovice are afternoon concerts.


In the nearby neighborhood of spa Luhačovice can visit not just the castles, the museums, outdoor museums and other historical monuments, but also in the famous wine cellars of Moravian wine-producing regions.

Natural healing resources

The spa managed by 14 hydrogen carbonate-sodium-chloride-iodine mineral springs, which come within Luhačovice. The temperature ranges between 10 to 14 ° C. Mineral waters of Luhačovice mare considered some of the most powerful in Europe, not only for the high mineral content, but also for excellent aeration with free carbon dioxide. For the drinking cure, inhalation treatment and mineral bath are used 8 strands.


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