1. General Regulations

Conditions included in this agreement are subject to contract for all cases included in the agreement. Changes can be carried out only in written form by agreement of both contracting partners. Contracting partners are Travel Agency Relaxos (further mentioned as the Travel Agency) and a recipient of services (further mentioned as the Client). The services of the travel agency are curative and rehabilitation stays selected from internet catalogue offer www.relaxos.com (alternatively from similar electronic catalogues) or prepared on basis of an individual request of the client for purpose of improving quality of his/her life. An exact specification of stay is a part of a confirmation sent by the travel agency and will be received by the client after booking confirmation. A subject-matter of the contract is ensuring the stay and a due and proper care of the client in a stipulated amount.

2. Time Specifications

A contractual relationship between the travel agency and the client is established after confirming a properly filled registration stay form and confirmed by the client. In case of a natural person (on behalf of minors it is signed by a statutory representative), respectively by confirmation of written order, signed by statutory representative, in case of a legal person and at the same time paying off whole amount of the stay or its deposit according to payment terms and conditions. The contractual relationship will be terminated after 15 days since the stay finished, and after this time any claims will not be taken into consideration.

3. Order of the Stay

The client can order the stay directly on internet web page www.relaxos.com (or from similar electronic catalogues). In case such an order the travel agency is committed to notify client about accepting his/her stay within 24 hours latest and issue necessary documents (confirmation of the stay and an advanced invoice). They will be sent immediately by electronic post and post. There is also possibility to collect documents personally from the Office in Bratislava. The stay can be purchased at product dealers from internet catalogue www.relaxos.com (or from similar electronic catalogues).

4. Price of the Stay

Total price of the stay and care about the client results from the client´s request for the stay and is made out according to a price list of the travel agency. The travel agency retains the right to modify prices in case period between price fixation and the stay implementation legal and tax regulations will be changed and also changes caused by so called „fine force“. Discounts resulting from contractual relationship Travel Agency or business offers in electronic catalogue are not possible to combine and if the client has more discounts can be applied by percentage or nominally higher one.

5. Terms of Payment

The confirmation of the stay and the advanced invoice are obtained together and they have to be paid to the bank account until due to date. The order will be automatically cancelled if the advanced invoice is not paid in due to date. The bank account number is a part of the advanced invoice.

6. Obligations of Client

a) Submit to the travel agency all relevant documents which are necessary to proper ensuring and providing of services but particularly provide true and complete information in a registration stay form.
b) Within due to date pay off the stay.
c) In case of medical stay the client should inform about contra-indications connected with his medical treatment. In case of any positive contra-indication, medical treatment of the client in spa is not possible.
e) Delegate a representative, if the client is legal person, who will be authorized to communicate with the travel agency and will inform participants of the stay about conditions and information obtained from the travel agency.
f) If transfer is part of services it is necessary to be in time at the place of departure.

7. Cancellation of the Stay

a) Cancellation of a participation on the stay (so called „annulation of the stay“) or cancellation of the stay order, the client is obligatory to do by a written form attaching a particular part of a registration stay form and a receipt about payment and hand it over personally to a seller or send a registered letter by post. If handing over personally, for setting of cancellation fee is important a date of its implementation in the travel agency, if sent by post, for setting of cancellation fee is important a date of sending.
b) If the stay is cancelled by the client, the travel agency charges the cancellation fees. The cancellation fees are charged for each participant and are expressed by a basic cancellation fee (amount 12 €) or by a percentage from a total price of ordered services in connection with a number of days remaining to the stay departure in amount of:
more than 28 days 12 € lump sum
27 - 22 days 20%
21 - 15 days 40%
14 - 6 days 65%
5 - 1 day 90%
On the departure day or unannounced 100%.

The cancellation fee in a basic amount (12 €) is charged in case of an indefinite time period because of death or serious illness or injury of the client. These facts must be supported by official documents.

c) A change of participant is not charged.
d) Other changes in the order made by the client (change of a date, accommodation and room type, amount of medical services etc.) will be considered as the cancellation of participation on the stay and will be subject to above mentioned cancellation fees.
e) Breaching „Obligations of the Client“ as stated in article 4 will be subject to above mentioned cancellation fees.
f) If the participation on the stay or the stay order is cancelled by the client, the travel agency is obligatory to reimburse a paid amount reduced by a relevant cancellation fee within 14 days since receiving documents as stated in article 7 paragraph a. Advances are reimbursed by a bank transaction to a bank account submitted by the client. Transaction expenses connected with reimbursement are paid by the client.

8. Exclusion of the Client from the Stay

The client who during a stay breaches legal regulations of a particular state, does not respect a program of a stay, rejects to obey instructions of a guide (employees of accommodation facility where is accommodated , verbally insults deputy of the travel agency as well representatives of balneo-rehabilitation centers, damages property in accommodation facility and by his behavior restricts rights of other clients can be excluded from a stay or transfer and sent home on own expenses whereas demand on unconsumed services will be abolished.

9. Changes of Stipulated Services

a) In case of extraordinary circumstances and as result of „fine force“, the travel agency may cancel or change a program of a stay (date, route, price, transport, place of accommodation, accommodation facility) whereas demand on already provided services is still valid.
b) In case of cancellation from a side of the travel agency is the travel agency obligatory to inform the client about this fact immediately, within 3 days reimburse paid price in full amount and if the client requires it include him/her in preference to a free place in a stay he/she chooses.
c) In connection with serious changes of program (when a change of a date in comparison with a stipulated date is more than 24hours, an increase of price more than by 10%, change of place within a particular area, a change of transport type, a change of accommodation category to lower one) the travel agency is obligatory to have client´s approval and determine him/her time for consideration. In case of all above serious changes of program the client holds the right to withdraw from contract without any cancellation fees and any financial claims towards the travel agency. If the client does not inform the travel agency about withdrawing from contract in defined time, it will be considered as approval.
d) Equipment, size and placement of rooms, suites and studios even within the same accommodation facility is not always same. The hotel holds the essential right to allocate them and the travel agency cannot influence these changes.

10. Complaint Procedure

a) In case the travel agency will not provide services in question in full scale and quality, the client holds the right to complain. Concerning a stay a subject-matter of claim are not considered damages and loss of property caused by the client.
b) Complaint must be reclaimed immediately after an occurrence of claim on the spot at a guide of stay or a deputy of accommodation facility with introduction of reasons. If a guide or a deputy of the hotel is not able to make good any damage on the spot a claim letter is written. Without the claim letter any complaint may not be admitted. It must be submitted in 3 copies (one for a guide or deputy of travel agency, 2 for the client) and signed by the client and a deputy of the hotel or a guide.
c) The client is obligatory to send one copy of the claim letter by a registered letter to the travel agency within 15 days since a day of departure from a stay and after this time any claims will not be taken into consideration.d) No reimbursement or discounts are foreseen in case of unconsumed provided services.

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