Spa Jachymov

Jáchymov Spa is famous mainly mining by uranit. In the early 20th century there were founded the first radon spa in the world. These unique treatments are used to positive effect on the motion tract system. Spa Jáchymov today offer many opportunities for summer and winter tourism and sports.



Turist information


In the late 19th century, the miners mined the chest in a half kilometers deep, powerful source of water would flow to the discovery of the Curies Jáchymov famous as a spa town. History of Jáchymov spa starting in 1906, modest private baths. In 1911 he opened like the first spa building. Very therapeutic benefits in the decision to build a spa hotel Kurhaus - today Radium Palace, which at that time belonged to the best Europe could offer in that time, because it treated celebrities of political and cultural life. Later were added to other medical and boarding houses. The radon baths became in world a very famous.

Location and climate

The Jáchymov Spa is located in the western part of the Czech Republic, about 148 km west of Prague. The spa town lies in a deep valley of the Krušné hory, which has always been known for its mineral wealth.

Tourist attractions

Spa Jachymov have a rich cultural heritage, silent witnesses of history are Jáchymov churches, town halls, the Royal Mint and a host of portals the patrician houses.


Surrounding the spa Jáchymov is suitable for walks and excursions: visit the castle Klášterec, bridges, the castles, streams, border town with the largest market place, warm-Abbey Premonstratensian monastery,  Františkove lázne, the castle of Bečov, Kynžvart-Gothic castle and Pilsen brewery. Around the spa directly at them and they are also numerous sports possibilities: Nordic walking, tennis, mountain biking, swimming and fitness, skiing, sauna, mini golf, chess, Russian skittles, petanque, and many other games.


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