The Spa Libverda is focused on spa treatment of cardiovascular, oncological and neurological diseases as well as diseases of the locomotory system. The spa can be visited within a short or long stay. Treatments are administered in the newly built wellness center Jizera, which is an opportunity for the overall regeneration and relaxation of the body, not only because of the beautiful surroundings, where you forget all your worries, as well as the offer of quality wellness services. There are also tennis courts, minigolf, outdoor playground. Directly from the Spa there are well-marked hiking trails. Accommodation in the spa complex is divided into several categories. Most accommodation facilities have undergone extensive reconstruction and offer comfortable accommodation in modernly equipped rooms. Catering guests are in the Clam-Gallas Palace, which stands directly above the colonnade.



Turist information


The first mention of the village goes to II. half of the 14th century (1381 - Urbain of the Frýdlant monarchy). Since then, reports have been published on the health of the local source. The founder of today's baths was Kristián Filip Count Clam-Gallas, owner of the Frýdlant domination. During the years 1776-1818, Kristián Filip opened new springs. The old strand was covered. Newly crammed springs were given names of Mary, Kristians and Eduardov and roamed directly in the spa buildings. At the end of the 18th century a spa park was built. In 1836 Libverde was awarded the Statute of Medicinal Baths. The double-wing colonnade was built in 1847.

Location and climate

The spa Libverda is a small, peaceful spa located in the picturesque foothills of the Northern Jizerské Mountains at an altitude of 432 - 1,124 m. This place is surrounded by mixed forests that together with mountain air make it a first-class climatic spa.

Tourist attractions

Spa colonnade and nearby Restaurant Giant Barrel - a building in the form of a huge beer barrel - these are great places for relaxation. The charming classicist pavilions with red roofs so beautifully complement the scenic landscape of this spa.


In the surroundings there are Liberec ZOO, Botanical Garden, Babylon, Ještěd. In Frýdlant, the Gothic castle and its adjacent Renaissance castle. Lookout to the Frýdlant Heights, which opens beautiful views on the steep slopes of the Jizera Mountains. In Hejnice, the unusual Baroque Church with a beautiful interior decoration and an adjoining Franciscan church, a popular pilgrimage place in this region. Spruce in the Jizera Mountains, a new 20 meter metal viewing tower, which opens splendid views of parts of Bohemia, Poland and Germany.

Natural healing resources

Natural mineral water bicarbonate type.


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