Spa Turcianske Teplice

Among the spas which are indicated for the treatment of locomotoric system diseases ranges a small spa of ancient tradition - Turčianske Teplice. This is the only Slovak spa in which patients suffering from nephrolithiases and with affected urine passages are treated. It lies on a plateau of the upper Turiec basin at the foothills of south-western extremities of the Veľká Fatra range of mountains in an extensive park located in the middle of the town of the same name at 518 m above sea level.



Turist information


Turčianske Teplice belongs to the oldest spa towns in Slovakia. The first written mention of the town, respectively. the hot springs is from 1281. In 1533, the Turcianske Teplice became the property of Kremnica. Kremnica sources made ​​available to all layers of society and not only began to use the spa, but also build.

Location and climate

Turčianske Teplice is situated in Zilina region between the cities of Martin and Banska Bystrica. They are located at an altitude of 518 m.n.m.. The framework consists of a spa place Great Fatra peaks, the northern slopes of the mountains and Kremnica hills Lazov.

Tourist attractions

In Turčianske Teplice get their supporters to come and architectural monuments - can you see the Renaissance and Baroque manor house in the city of Boars, a Gothic church. Michael Turčiansky in the local area or chapel of St. Michael. John of Nepomuk on 18 century in the city center.


The picturesque beauty of the rocky peaks, barren hillsides nearby Lazov and northern slopes of the mountains Kremnica create a beautiful environment full of opportunities for learning about nature and its beauty. Surroundings spa town of Teplice Turčianske is a big attraction for fishermen and hunters. Provides is clear streams with lots of fish and the surrounding forests with many animals. Near the city lies a village Budiš, which rises the famous mineral water spring with the same name Budiš.

Natural healing resources

Thermal mineral medicinal water, which has proven medicinal effects due to the high content of calcium, magnesium and fluoride at a temperature of 38 ° C to 47 ° C and the mineral content of 1 liter is 1524 mg / l.


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