Spa Sklene Teplice

Spa Piestany is situated in the northwestern part of the Štiavnica Hills in Hot Creek Valley , in the district Žiar nad Hronom . In the commune emerges Sklene Teplice underlies thermal alkaline gypsum mineral springs with cave bath with the water temperature of 28-53 ° C , where they treat musculoskeletal diseases and nervous disorders .



Turist information


The first written record about Sklene Teplice dates from 1340. Sklene Teplice incurred as a logging settlement and residents benefited wood to nearby mines in Banská Štiavnica. The proximity of Banská Štiavnica was also influenced by another fact. Approximately in 1350 was founded the glassworks. It was the first glassworks in The Kingdom of Hungary. Since the use of the village inhabitants beneficial effects of thermal mineral water springs that here yet. However, Sklene Teplice spa as a place to raise awareness in the 16th century. It was specifically in 1549 when they described in their balneography known scientist Juraj Wernher.

Location and climate

Spa Sklene Teplice is at an altitude of 400 m. The average annual temperature of 7 ° C is for residents and visitors a pleasant and winters are mild here.

Tourist attractions

Spa Sklene Teplice with its prime location can be considered as a kind of imaginary gateway to the tourist paradise - Štiavnicke vrchy. Visitors to the spa town of Sklene Teplice, therefore, be in addition to regular spa treatment given to the active hiking and admire the beauty of nature or the work of human hands from the history.

Natural healing resources

In Sklené Teplice emanate thermal mineral springs with temperatures from 37 ° C to 52.3 ° C. The chemical composition of these hot springs are the type of sulfate, calcium, magnesium, hypotonic mineral waters. They come from the nest-dolomitic limestone formations. The infiltration area is located near the places where emerges. The total yield is 6 liters per second. In addition to thermal mineral springs emerges here are also waters with a lower mineral content.


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