Spa Brusno

The wealth of curative sources in Slovakia endowed with various physical and chemical properties makes possible a narrow specialization of the bathing spas . One of such narrow specialized spa curative institutions is found at Brusno . The spa lies in Central Slovakia not far away from Banská Bystrica in the Hron river valley, at 435 m above sea level surrounded by coniferous forests.



Turist information


City Brusno mergesinto  two smaller villages - Brusno and Sv. Ondrej in 1960 under the name Hronov, but in 1974 was again renamed Brusno. Typically employed residents weathered the itinerant trade (already in the 18th century). Peddler calledresidents like čipkári. This title won by product (bobbin lace), which went to trade in foreign countries. Naming them, however, remained even after the trade with lace added a wooden dish, a variety of fabrics and articles of iron. The occurrence of natural medicinal resources has given rise to national importance bath with a focus on digestive diseases.

Location and climate

The spa of Brusno is situated in the northern part of rogion Banská Bystrica, 20 km northeast city of Banska Bystrica, the river valley Hron at an altitude of 424 m. Spa is surrounded by the scenic ridge of Low Tatras and mountains Veporské vrchy. Location determines spas them mild, warm and relatively moist submontane climate.

Tourist attractions

Visitors have the opportunity to use weathered numerous hiking trails that are delivering attractive peaks and the Low Tatras and massif of Polana. Spa Brusno can be considered as a starting point for summer hiking, biking and winter tourism particularly in tourist and recreational facilities of Veporské Vrchy. In marked routes in the village keep the sidewalks with promenade starting from spas to cruise sites Dubinka or Skala.


Around the spa Brusno are three protected areas, namely the Low Tatras National Park, Landscape Area Polana and cultural heritage of Spa park.


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