Spa Sliac and surroundings

There are four well known spas in the world in which mineral sources of natural isothermic temperature with a high content of carbon dioxide spring forth. Only one of these springs can be found in Central Europe which is just in the Sliač curative spa. Mineral sources of such qualities, together with expert medical care under the utilization of complementary medical means can successfully be utilized, for the treatment of patients whose heart and vessels have been damaged in the rush of life and civilization of our days.



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Unexplained sudden death of birds and animals in the vicinity of springs aroused superstitious fears of the people. Free carbon dioxide, which was the whole neighborhood was infested with springs and long mystery for scholars of ancient times. It is therefore not surprising that for these properties attracted attention Sliač springs centuries ago. The oldest written record of the sources come from Sliačska in 1244.

Location and climate

Sliač Spa lies in beautiful natural environment of the western part of the Zvolenská kotlina, the western foothills of the Slovenské Rudohorie at an altitude of 373 m. They are located between the city region of Central Slovakia - Banska Bystrica and Zvolen. The climate is the relatively low altitude and the open position Sliac quite warm, relatively dry and quite peaceful.

Tourist attractions

In addition to sports facilities directly in the spa Sliač, many spa guests can not miss the opportunity to attend half-day trips to the surroundings - a visit to the historic mining towns such as Kremnica, Banská Štiavnica, or day trips to the Nízke Tarty and Vysoké Tatry. It is worth noting also visit the ruins of the castle Pustý of the 13th century.


Sliač Spa is surrounded by extensive forests, parks and plains, overlooking the valley of the river Hron, Pohronská the valley, and Kremnické vrchy a Štiavnické vrchy and the western part of the Nízke Tatry.
Beautiful and romantic surroundings spa is attracts almost on short walks and excursions. Popular destination is  Hronsek, where is the castle and an ancient fortress, town of Zvolen with massive castle of 14 century, Vígľaš with an interesting castle, or road for the beauty Slowak folklore in Detva. Near the Slovenský raj is the cave, the largest cave glaciation in Slovakia and one of the most beautiful and the richest decoration ice caves in the world. In addition, it is also a cave Harmanecká, Ochtinská Aragonite Cave, a cave Bystrianska or Bojnická cave.

Natural healing resources

Sliač mineral springs belong to the system so vast. Neogene thermal pool. Sliač the hospital uses a unique natural hot spring gas, which forms the bulk of carbon dioxide.


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