Spa Nimnica

Nimnica lies between Púchov and Bystrica. Spa Nimnica the youngest Slovak spas and are the mineral jewel of Slovakia . As indicator focused on the treatment of respiratory diseases ( bronchitis, pneumonia , conditions after surgeries of the upper respiratory tract ... ) .



Turist information


While working on the foundations of the dam wall at 1953 below the level of the scale appeared suspicious water that is clean, the water was a little salty and it was sparkling water. The hydrological surveys in several wells captured carbonic water with high concentrations of substances. This aroused the attention of the general public, and when in some cases, dam workers have also shown positive health effects, lightning spread a rumor about the miraculous healing powers of water.

Location and climate

Nimnica Spa is located in the outcropping Javorníky over a pond dam Nosice called Priehrada Mládeže at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level. Climatic conditions can be characterized as highland climate with mild winters and hot summers.

Tourist attractions

The nearby water dam, 12 km long and 1 km wide, is a tourist area with the possibility of cruises, water sports. It is a paradise for aquatic birds can be observed from the dam wall. Hiking in the surrounding woods and the distant Javorníky is ideal for lovers of hiking and biking.


In the nearby town of Púchov are Archaeological Museum and the Museum of wheels, Považská Bystrica - castle ruins of Považský hrad. Lednické Rovne southerly direction from the spa Nimnica known glass production and Slovak Glass Museum.

Natural healing resources

For the treatment is used in Nimnica mineral water from several sources, among dam springs a newly drilled. All Nimnica springs are alkaline mineral water with a temperature of 10-15 ° C, with significant amounts of free carbon dioxide. Besides potassium, nitrogen, calcium, silicon and chlorine also contain iodine. Despite the short existence Nimnica wells have already reputation with mineral springs, with rare medicinal properties.


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