Handlová is incorporated into the Upper Nitra region is located in central Slovakia , about 10 km from the geometric center of Europe . The microregion Handlová is a nature reserve and white stone prevails throughout the mountainous Carpathian fauna and flora .



Turist information


The city Handlová was founded 8th March 1376, when King Louis I. memoranda allowed Henrich Kricker found at a place called Krásny Les village. According to Kricker the city  Handlová in German called Krickerhau or Krikerhau. The first written record of the occurrence of coal in this area comes from 1784. Benefit but only started in 1909. He is still Handlová modern city with a developed mining industry.

Location and climate

Handlova is located almost in the center of Hornonitrianskakotlina. It is surrounded by mountains Žiar, Vtáčnik and Kremnické vrchy. Handlova belongs to an area with mild temperate climate.  

Tourist attractions

In the city, near the church of the new period are two rare specimens of exotic species - giant redwood, with a height of about 20 m, a crown diameter 10 m, planted in 1843 and Yew Hedge 9 m high, with two strains. Itself is known for creating Handlová unusual records that are candidates for entry into the Guinness Book of Records. With its unique park decoration law bears the title, City of Flowers ".


Near Handlovej is a romantic city Bojnice with one of the finest and most visited castles in Central Europe, the old mining town Kremnica a mountain resort Remata.


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