Aquapark Kehidakustány

Kehidakustány is a village in Hungary in Zala county in the district Zalaszentgrót . It has an area of ​​1975 ha and 1210 people living here (2007) .



Turist information


The village Kehidakustány has three parts Kehida, Kustány and Barátsziget, which are connected together. The village is surrounded by forests and meadows, the river Zala flows through the village. Thanks to the excellent natural conditions are attractive for people has a long time. The oldest settlement is the end of the Bronze Age.
Barátsziget was an independent village, where the River Zala was operated mill. Mill from 1630 until the end operated by
Hagymássy family. In 1939 was joined part Kehida to the Barátsziget.

Location and climate

Kehidakustány is located in a beautiful area in the Keszthely, in the valley of the river Zala, away from Lake Balaton, only 18 km away. It is idyllic peaceful rural location.

Tourist attractions

The tourist attraction are the baroque mansion, the Roman Catholic Church and thermal baths.


The village Kehidakustány is a real rarity, sustain its idyllic, rural character and its calm environment is a favorite recreational area. For lovers of active relaxation provides opportunities for fishing, hunting, horse riding, cycling.

Natural healing resources

Warm thermal water of spas Kehidakustány on the surface has temperature of 49 C. The calcic-magnesium-hydrokarbonat character with a high sulfur content, which no amount of radon. Beneficial sulfur can get into the body through a bath, drinking and inhalation treatments.


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