Spa Vyšné Hágy / Štôla

The oldest part of the village called Vyšné Hágy was lying about three hundred meters below todays Tatras´s railway station. Nowadays, the village lies above and below the Cesta slobody (The Path of Freedom) and below the Tatras´s electric railway with a panorama of Končistá, Batizovce shield and Gerlach shield. Village is dominated by the National Institute of Tuberculosis, pulmonary diseases and thoracic surgery, which is basically subordinate to lifestyle in the settlement.



Turist information


The beginnings of village go back to 1890, when landowner Francis Máriassy from Batizovce and Markušovce built two-storied hotel with guest rooms, a common dormitory and restaurant on his land about 300 m degrading Tatra´s electric railway track in the lower part of late Vyšné Hágy. A radical change occured in 1928 when the state became the owner of village and designated for the emerging spa another function - purely medical. In 1935 the Central Social Insurance is starting to build a large sanatorium for the treatment of tuberculosis, available to the public from 2. June 1941, at that time the largest one in Central Europe.

Location and climate

Vyšné Hágy is one of the most important spa village in the High Tatras and lies below the culmination of Batizovce´s Valley into the Poprad basin at the Cesta slobody (The Path of Freedom) between Štrbske Pleso and Starý  Smokovec.

Tourist attractions

By the steep, strenuous hiking yellow marked trail, we can get to the Tatras´s higway and Batizovce´s Tarn from Vyšné Hágy. Route on the outskirts of the village leads to the the other side and continues into the Nová Polianka.


From each settlements in Tatras, there are possibility to take hikes along marked trails to each valleys and Tatras´s shields. For output to higher positions, however, care must be taken to the appropriate clothing and shoes. Tatras´s trails are from 15. November to 1. June closed. In winter, the High Tatras are the center of winter sports.

Natural healing resources

From the beginnig there were treatments for pulmonary and out pulmonary tuberculosis. The Center for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis and the National Register for tuberculosis in Slovakia is based in the Constitution as well. Traditionally there is a high-quality medical occupation and a specialized institute performs very difficult and intervention procedures, including thoracic surgery.


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