Spa Smrdaky

Spa Smrdáky - is a very specific spa situated approximately 80 km north-west from the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava. Its specialisation is above all the treatment of skin diseases in combination with diseases of locomotive apparatus through use of the unique natural sources - hydrogen sulphide mineral water and sulphurous mud .



Turist information


History of Spa Smrdáky is inextricably linked to the healing springs that are found here. Originally, the village called Nova Ves. Residents of this community but was nicknamed "Smrdáci" for smelling mineral springs. This name it was so popular, that replaced the previous name of the village and the village was called Smrdáky. The first bathhouse was built Jozef Vietoris in 1832 - the 1833rd. Later he added a further building which is used for today and built a popular spa park, which is located on the dried marshes.

Location and climate

Spa Smrdáky lie in Záhorská nížina in the White Carpathian Mountains at an altitude of 241 m. above sea. From Senice is located approximately 7 km. Smrdáky belong to the area with warm but wet winter rates. Summer is hot with high humidity and variability of rainfall alternating shorter and longer dry periods.

Tourist attractions

The most famous monument in the spa is building of the castle. The castle build it Jozef Vietoris. Manor has a great classical portal, which became a symbol of the spa. Jozef Vietoris had also drain a local swamp, and so got the space to park, where he planted rare trees. Spa Park is currently an area of ​​16 ha and is a favorite resting place for spa guests. In 50th years in the spa Smrdáky captured a new spring. His active diatomic sulfur content of all the previously known like largest European hydrogen sulphide water.


In the nearby town of Senica is a summer swimming pool. Visitors are very popular tours of the castle Cerveny Kamen and Beckov, in cave, castles in Smolenice, Bojnice and Lednice and, finally, a trip to the dam Kunovská priehrada.

Natural healing resources

Mineral water has a high hydrogen sulphide content of a therapeutically effective characterized by a characteristic odor and unusual effects in the treatment of some, especially skin diseases. It also contains minerals and salts - notably on the basis of Na, Mg and Ca (3400 mg / l), which positively contribute to the therapeutic effect. Sulfur  mud is peloid,  as using the medical device in the form of wraps on the joints and spine. There is a hydrogen sulphide water flowing through the loess soil. Spa Smrdáky are a good place for treatment of chronic skin diseases.


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