Healing spa stay, Hotel Veselý***

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Type of stay

Curative, Curative, Senior, Spa/Curative.

Service costs


9 nights check in: 14:00 check out hour: 10


full-board, breakfast: buffet, lunch: 3 dishes choice, dinner: 3 dishes choice, details: first meal after check in: lunch, last meal: breakfast

Medical services

medical entry check-up


total no. of procedures during stay: 17

List of procedures

Electrotreatment: 5x; Massage: partial: 2x; exercise: in pool: 3x, group exercise: 3x, individual rehabilitation: 1x; Wraps: 3x;

Extra charged services

Compulsory extra charge

Local/Spa tax: 15 CZK

Price lists

Price stated for fix length stay 9 nights, if you want a different length of nights call +421 2 3225 2328.

Type of room From 01.04.19 01.11.19
Till 31.10.19 31.12.19
Double person / stay 579.8 € 528.0 €
Single person / stay 667.9 € 631.6 €
Veselý plus
Double person / stay 667.9 € 579.8 €



Length of stay: 9 nights,
Start of the stay*
End of the stay*
+421 2 3225 2328

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