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The village Bešeňová lies   10 km east of Ružomberok at the right bank of the river Vah. In 1987 he was executed on the borehole depth of 1,987 meters , through which came to the surface of the mineral water at 60 ° C. This became the basis for the emergence of thermal swimming-pool , thanks to whom the municipality belongs to the most visited centers for their kind in the Slovak Republic. Mineral water in the pools is brown color .



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The village Bešeňová was founded in the 13th century property Marcela. King Ladislav IV. in 1286 Marcel gave other property lying between Váh and Potok. It was a settlement here, which was named after its owner - Marcelová. Around 1347 he was the local squire function count Gregor Pečenehov - Hungarians border guards. The office received a Latin nickname Bissenus, Slovak Besen passed to descendants as a surname - Bešeňovci of Marcelová. From 15 century for village use two names:  Marcelová and Bešeňová.

Location and climate

Bešeňová village is situated of the district Ružomberok in the foothills Chočské vrchy. It is surrounded by beautiful nature Liptov. Bešeňová belongs to the temperate climate zone.

Tourist attractions

A famous natural attractions are Bešeňová travertine. This natural monument are travertine formations - terraces to its size but especially color scheme to rank the five most valuable in the world. Bešeňová travertine are abandoned quarry, located several hundred meters north of the village area of 3.18 hectares.

Natural healing resources

The healing waters are based on hot springs that emanate from a depth of 1987 m, at a temperature of 60.5 ° C. They have beneficial effects on physical and respiratory organs and problems have a good cosmetic effects. Positive effects on mental health will be felt almost immediately, thanks to lithium. Mineral water contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, potassium, an extraordinary amount of sulphate, bicarbonate, free carbon dioxide and other minerals.


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